Configuring Android Studio on Mac: vim ~/.bash profile not working

Hi guys.

Been tearing my hair out for the last 3 days over connecting Appium to Android studio on mac (can’t understand why ios was so easy and this is such a nightmare!!)

I will try to make this a clear and concise as I can

I’ve been trying to set up JAVA_HOME, ANDROID_HOME and JAVA_PATH (not sure if I need java path as I have mac os el capitan 10.11.6 -some please confirm if I do)

I think I have found all right variables

I’ve started having a problem in the last hour with

$ vim .bash_profile

got E446: No file name under cursor

I cannot edit.
I wonder if I have different version open. I thought it wasn’t saving any of my attempts so I don’t understand why this is happening.

What commands do I need to fix this?

we all are in wonder what are doing 3 days.
try mine guide

No need I fix the problem myself