Deep linking with Appium

Hi, I am trying write tests to deep link from a link on a webpage to an app installed on my android device. Whenever I run the tests, the web driver is displaying the intent broadcast in the address bar. If I execute the test manually, it works fine. Only through the AppiumDriver does it display the the intent broadcast in the address bar. I have tried with Appium versions 1.7 and 2.1, android versions used are 4.3 and 4.4.2, and I am using chromedriver version 2.14.

My question is can Appuim be used to deeplink from a website into other apps?

I would also appreciate an answer !

Hey @ekersten, i’ve been developing a package to automate deep link testing on android and had a similiar problem when clicking on the <a ...> that has an href with an intent:// url. The test clicks on the <a ...> but it doesn’t open any app or do anything.

I manage to make it work by adding on the current <a ...> tag an onclick event with'intent://...'). So, in my test, after finding the element, I execute a script that adds this onclick event, and then click on the element.

Check this lines on my project:

You can also check my project, which is a beta on automating deep link testing on android.

Hope this helps.

@vrunoa, can you share some steps to validate deep links for ios apps?