Docker Appium and Emulators


Hello community.

Recently we are looking into this triangle (appium - docker - emuators) but not much success so far.

I know that there are two github repos , but I couldn’t properly execute appium scripts on top of emulators while all wrapped with containers so far.

Is there anyone here who has started to use dockers for the test execution and appium ?



I recommend to try below



We tried that one , the problem is that it did’t work (we couldn’t interact with the device) and there is no API 27 emulators


can you file issue on the repo with as much details ? Complaining here won’t help

As it’s open source project one can help by testing, filing issue, submitting PR and helping each other virtually to achieve our goals :slight_smile:


One of my team members already opened a ticket :slight_smile:


You should also have a look at Which is best cloud based service for mobile testing & automation?


The thread is talking about cloud providers , for real devices , I’m looking for dockerize android studio emulators


Hi ,

I was wondering if there is something new with tickets ?



Hello, I’m interested to know if you found a solution?


nope , still looking for one


@igal_epshtein Hi, I’m interested to know if you found any solution?