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I’ve noticed a lot of bug reports which is great however the devs only fix issues that are reported to the official issue tracker. The issue tracker is on github. Once you file an issue then our triager bot automatically assigns a developer to review the issue and fix the problem.

File Appium server bugs here:

Also the client bindings each have their own issue tracker:

Thanks for helping to improve appium by reporting issues!

Instruments are getting crashed while performing tap operations on some buttons of ios app
sendKeyStrategy issue on 1.3.3 and beyond (real iOS device)
Pm install -r failing (Android device)
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can you please edit subject line like "File Appium Bugs … "

I feel “bugs” attract more eyeballs than “issue” :smile:

Vikram 1.3.5, "Cannot find module 'async'"

Good idea, I’ve updated the title

Appium inspector 1.3.6


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some more useful info from

Submit bug reports or feature requests

Just use the GitHub issue tracker to submit your bug reports and feature requests.
If you are submitting a bug report, please remember to include:

Your complete Appium log (as a gist—do NOT paste the whole thing into the issue description).

This will tell us the exact version of Appium and the exact capabilities you are using, so you don’t have to.Your relevant client code, if you are able to share it (again a gist is most useful).
Any other information helpful in trying to reproduce your issue.

In general, the less work we have to do to reproduce a bug, the faster we will fix it. So please include as much information as possible up front!


Nice information, I’ve updated also