How to dismiss ios system dialog using appium

I am trying to run untended execution on iOS real device, but every day iOS throw up some or the other system dialog, either related to iCloud, backup, password or upgrade etc…etc…and then appium instrumentation fails, I am tired chasing these dialog. Is there a solution to this issue, otherwise looks like Appium is useless, if we have to manually dismiss the dialogs while executing automation test case.

I did try autoacceptalerts but it’s only good for the test app not system alert.

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Hey there:
The new xcuitest instrumentation in appium 1.5 seems to handle dismissing system alerts according to [iOS9 UIAutomation] What is Appium approach to UIAutomation deprecation by Apple

I haven’t tried it yet. Unfortunately the existing ui automation of iOS has this limitation

Thanks for the reply, I will checkout xcuitest