How to launch appium inspector on appium 1.6.0 beta2 as there is no file for that beta

Can any one please help me how to launch appium inspector on appium 1.6.0 beta2.Is there any away i can launch and inspect the elements.

at the moment I dont think there is one. you can use driver.getpagesource i think. might have the method name wrong

You can launch webdriveragent server, and navigate to http://localhost:8100/inspector

I tried this but it is saying that “local host refused to connect”.Is there any specific port do i need to use it.

hi, did you find any solution for this?

no,I am not able to find any solution for it.

I am using below thing, working fine

can you please help me how to launch it.I had gone through this url but I did not understand how to use it.

Download the repository and open the html file inside the folder after unzip…

once you start running the simulator using appium test… then refresh that page will load the screen with DOM

Thanks a lot for your help.I will try those steps.

That is far better than the actual inspector

Try these options too, see if they could help.

I’m not getting the DOM from this inspector because my localhost address at work redirects to my ip address. Is there any way to get around this or modify the inspector to listen on another address?

Hi all,

Currently, appium 1.6 is not available in GUI to inspect the elements, but there is workaround you can get the elements. This might help you guys

Try this :

Thanks for sharing it.

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Another workaround is to make use of both appium versions(apium1.6.X server and appium1.5.3 GUI). Please find the steps below,

  1. launch the appium (1.6 or above) from the command prompt/terminal
  2. Open the appium 1.5.3 GUI and fill in all required settings(AppPath, package, Automation Name, Platform version - even if we couldn’t find in drop down edit it, Device Name) DONOT HIT LAUNCH
  3. then click on the inspector icon on the GUI.

This should open appium inspector using Appium server.

*Note: Provide automation name as “Appium” for android!

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This works with Android, but I am unable to get it to work with iOS

Update: I can now do both android and iOS


Can u please post the settings u have chosen in the appium GUI. PFA the settings i used!

Uncheck bundle ID, make force device “iPhone 7”, remove UDID


launch your appium server like this in the command line, just put your address in there

appium --address SERVER ADDRESS --port 4725 --default-capabilities ‘{“nativeInstrumentsLib”:true}’ --default-capabilities ‘{“automationName”:“XCUITest”}’

Hi, I am able to inspect elements using a tool: IOS Inspector: Please check it out: