iOS - Now unable to interact with webview elements in iOS12 and Appium 1.7.1

Using Appium with webdriverio and recently upgraded to iOS12 and newest version of Appium desktop (1.7.1)

Previously my automation was running fine and was able to interact with webview elements which came back as enabled and visible: true.

Since the upgrades, elements within the webview are coming back as enabled: true, but visible: false…so it is unable to interact with them via the Accessibility IDs.

Is anyone else having similar problems?

Sounds like this could be an issue with Appium when using iOS 12 as other people are having the same issue.

Is there a fix planned?

100% having the same problem with items indicating visible false when they are visible in the display

This code worked fine before the upgrade and since I updated xcode I can’t go back. It’s effectively broken some of my tests and there doesn’t seem to be a workaround. I’m also seeing mobile scroll with a direction down repeating which is blocking me from doing a workaround. Been pretty frustrating.

Glad to see someone else reporting this issue too. I’ve raised this issue on Appium github, would recommend bumping this:

I am using ios 9.2 to 11 but still facing the same issue with appium desktop 1.7.1.
Earlier they are working.Please let me know the solution if anyone found.