IOS screenshot not complete with Appium 1.4.13


I am using appium 1.4.13 and ios 9.1 with iphone 6 simulator.

And when I am taking screenshot or using appium inspector for ios, its not showing the full screen. The bottom 8-10% of the screen is not shown for some reason. Even the screenshots are not showing as before.

It was working correctly some days back and since last 4 days just not working correctly. Is there some other activity or other app on my local computer that might affect the screenshot or iphone simulator?

Because if the appium inspector is not showing then I think I have a problem in appium.


Can you try with latest version of Appium.
Follow these steps:-

  1. Get the source from git or install it from npm.
  2. On the Appium GUI application go to developer settings and point it to the latest source you have.

I’m having exactly same issue as @Chinmay_Deshpande described. My setup is:

  • Appium 1.4.16

  • Xcode 7.1

  • iPad Air simulator with iOS 9.1.

  • Simulator window scale: 50%

Command: driver.save_screenshot("test.png")

In my case - not bottom but top part of the screen is missing. When I change simulator window scale to 100% than it’s ok.
My tests are based on images comparison so it has huge impact. Does anyone knows how to fix it?

Only workaround I found so far is using idevicescreenshot:

but it require libimobiledevice : - annother “only-for-workaround” library :frowning:

It may be xcode bug :sob:

oh okay. Yes, it may be scaling issue or xcode issue. When running it on real device, the screenshots are correct.

I guess, there are some limitations when it comes to iphone simulator vs real device with apple framework.

Same here, I am using image comparison as deciding factor for test pass/fail.( I am doing it after the test run)