Is it possible to test webapp on real ios ipod device without having apple developer provisioning profile?

Hello Everyone,

I want to test my website on safari browser,
Currently I have following configuration

  1. ipod with IOS 8.1.3
  2. Xcode 6.1.1
  3. Appium 1.3.5 (all required s/w)

I’am able to execute the test on safari browser on simulators and now I want to execute the test on real devices, so
My question is should I need apple developer provisioning profile to test app/browser on real devices? IF yes then is it possible to get without paying money(Free).?

Anyone can help me on this topic. I recently come to know that xcode7 is introducing new feature where developer/tester don’t need to register “apple developer program” and from xcode7 it is free.
IF anyone tried on this please help me out.
Xcode 7 beta is available.

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Yesterday Night I Tried Following scenario which is going to be very useful in coming days once Xcode7 is out.
Now we can test our apps on Real IOS devices without having Developer account.
Now no need to pay 99$ to test app on our own idevices.
I downloaded Xcode7 beta2 from apple site and tried it and I’m able to launch app on my iPhone4.
Its Free now

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This is really great :slight_smile:

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Can we test web application on Real IOS devices using Xcode7 beta2 ?

Hi All,
I am using Appium 1.4.8 , Xcode 7.1 Beta , and iPad with iOS 8.2 Real device. I want to test my web app
on Chrome browser in iOS real devices.

I am get the following error when run my test scripts on my macbook.

Instruments Trace Error : Target failed to run: Permission to debug was denied. The app must be signed with a development identity (e.g. iOS Developer).

How to fix this Issue. Can you help me ?

Xcode 7 is out but can we test our apps on Real IOS devices without having Developer account on Xcoder 7?
Can you please confirm?


Yes that is possible.