Multiple iOS devices over WiFi

We are trying to run automated scripts on multiple iOS devices over WiFi connection. We are able to connect over WiFi from iTunes and sync the device, but, we are not able to detect the device over WiFi with appium. So, seems that appium only works with devices connected through USB cable, is this correct? Does someone knows a way to connect multiple iOS devices over WiFi and send automated tests from aapium? We are able to do that for android with UI Automator and adb over wifi, but not for iOS.


Same here.Was able to connect on Android but not on iOS.

You can’t automate multiple iOS devices on single mac.

Yes, seems that the best way to automate on multiple iOS devices is to create multiple VM instances. We will try to have at least 2 devices per VM.

I have been trying to connect my iPad to mac over wifi and run the appium tests. I know how Appium tests works with android devices over wifi, but not how to do it with iOS devices. Please update if any one has worked on how to get it done.

@Pracs did you find out how to connect single iOS device over wi-fi , even I’m looking for this solutio ?


Yes, using itunes but only one device can be connected.

Will appium work if we connect iOS device over wi-fi???

Can anyone please help me out from this… I will really appreciate

Yes, it will work with devices over wifi, at least with 1 device. We tried one device over wifi and one device with USB in secuence. But we have a while without doing this again.

You have tried with iOS devices right???@Georgina

In appium site , it is mentioned wi-fi is not supported for iOS

I will really grateful if you help me on this. Its really urgent

I connected my iPhone 4(7.1.2) to my Windows which is having latest iTunes.

But after configuring the setting, soon after i disconnect the USB, the device is disappearing in iTunes and unable to Sync.

Though i know iOS with Windows is not supported by Appium, but it should be able to Sync my iPhone with iTunes over Wifi.

Does the specified setting only apply for MAC machine?

With Xcode 9 and iOS 11 : This can be possible???

Please help me out guys @Georgina_Gonzalez

I need this urgently . Please need you help to know how to configure iOS device over wifi
I tried with iTune but it was not lunching the Application.

Its urgent please need help

If its not possible please reply.

It might be possible with Xcode 9 to debug via WiFi.
It’s not possible to debug with released Xcode version without USB connection.
What is the reason for such request @Jitu1888?