Run appium tests parallelly

Say i have one machine(Windows) where appium can be launched through Appium.exe.

I have two tests say Test1 and Test2(say both work on Calculator application but different tests) and two emulator devices called “Android Emulator1” and “Android Emulator2”.

Can anybody help me how can i execute Test1 in “Android Emulator1” and Test2 in “Android Emulator2” parallely?

I surfed net, but all i see is random stuff. For beginners to learn or practice it is very difficult/not possible to understand.
I am not sure why these kind of information also missing in help/documentation.


Can anybody throw some light on this?

I didnt heard back anything, can someone please help me in this?

There’s a thread on parallel testing literally next to yours on the discuss thread list.

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Simon, I dont see any thread or any link with detailed information. Can you please share the reference links that you are talking about?

You need to run multiple appium servers. Appium can only handle one session right now

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Hi @UD ,

Things can be simple… If you are using TestNG for parallel execution.
1)In TestNg Xml, suite name=“xyz” thread-count = “2” parallel =“tests”
2)In Each test tag in Xml, pass device udid as parameter for both.
3)Include test1 in one test tag,and test2 followed by another
4)For test1 tag in Xml,
class name=“test.IndividualMethodsTest”
include name=“test1”
class name=“test.IndividualMethodsTest”
include name=“test2”

6)Run your TestNg Xml.(Note: Please make sure that you must start Selenium Grid (Hub) & create two appium instances for both the devices to run parallel.use json files to start two Appium servers and then run your XML )

Vijay Bhaskar.

You can execute your test by using testNG and launch appium with different port. Create capabilities with different port. I have already done it and successful. Please let me know if you need more information for the same.


can anybody explain how to run parallel test on android and IOS. Step by step

Hi i am unable to run parallely .only one device is working.can u Please help me