UIATableView inside another UIATableView make 4 duplicate of Elements

Greetings. there is long term hard bug that make working almost impossible when in testing app used UIATableView in UIATableView structure.
when it just show all in alright, but when user use(tap) this element it immediately make copy of all elements in inspector Tree of elements

Have a look at this issue I raised few days back. Your issue seems similar. Although its not resolved but I try & get through the situation by fetching all the elements in a list & looping through each one to find out which one is visible/enabled & then act on that particular element.

in my case all elements visible and enabled - via inspector and via java appium client.
all duplicates visible.

i can make actions via any instance of element.
but this duplicates change count,number of every element and i by mistake tap element not that what i want.

check this in apple uiautomator - result the same. there is duplicated too. it’s not an appium problem