Unable to locate element using appium inspector for iOS application

As, you can see in the above snippet, when i try to locate value e.g… ‘16’ in this case or i would like to scroll to select any other value. I am unable to select or scroll from this window. Is it possible to select value using robot framework with appium library. suggestions are most welcome.

Can u please tell how to inspect element in ios using appium 1.6.4 with ios 10

u can use appium-desktop v1.0.0 having appium 1.6.4

download link : https://github.com/appium/appium-desktop/releases/tag/v1.0.0

i am using the same appium. but i need to inspect element of youtube app. is it possible. also not able to see option to open inspector in appium 1.6.4

after launching appium u can click ‘start new session’ on the header then set your ‘desired capabilities’ tab, after setting the required capabilities, click on ‘start session’ …then appium inspector would launch.

if u fail to launch, will share the snapshot.

i tried using new session option but it failed to start return error message " not able to start webdriveragent"
webdriveragent working using commandline appium

are you using GUI version of appium (i.e. appium-desktop v1.0.0) or appium 1.6.4 command line.
both have there separate WDA.

Locate appium-desktop WebDriverAgent.xcodeproj at following location


Open WebDriverAgent.xcodeproj in Xcode. For both the WebDriverAgentLib and WebDriverAgentRunner targets, select “Automatically manage signing” in the “General” tab, and then select your Development Team. This should also auto select Signing Ceritificate. (You have to follow same steps, while setting up WDA for appium 1.6.4 command line)

thanku for your response . able to start appium session. but if i want to inspect element of particular page then how we get that either xpath, id, className etc

this could help you :slight_smile:

but this is for android. i need to find out in ios

method of writing xpath and identifying the ID, Name and className is same.

please share the snapshot of the screen with xml hierarchy of your iOS app page and the element you want to locate.

Please find below scrrenshot. Its a youtube app. i want to click on like button. in the same not able to find xpath of add review comments on youtube app

kindly share bundleId of youtube.


u can locate any of the element on the page :slight_smile:

Thanku for your reponse. Can u please help me to find out the exact value of “add review comments”. Like name or xpath.

Also i want to know if we have 4 test cases. and i want to run then in continuation without relaunch the app. Is it possible in ios. If yes. then how

also i want to know the xpath of this like button.

add and comment :slight_smile:


i tried the same but not able to element of like button as well as add review comment. Can u please explain the exact steps you follow to found this

like :slight_smile: