Unable to swip after updating to appium 1.6.3

Hi, swipe action on android device stopped working after installing appium 1.6.3. receiving the following logs, and then my test case fails:

end_x and end_y are used for Android. Not offset_x and offset_y.

here is what I am using for swiping action:

Appium::TouchAction.swipe(:start_x => 0.5, :delta_x => 0.5, :start_y => 0.5, :delta_y => 0.5, :duration => 2000).perform

any idea how I can fix this?

“0.5” does not work. you need to use real screen point numbers,

In Appium 1.6.4 beta, this capability was added from XCUITest,

Add mobile: swipe execute method

I got this info from this,

Appium 1.6.4 beta release

thanks, I fixed that. but not sure why I get the following logs:

end_x and end_y are used for Android. Not offset_x and offset_y.

Thanks for your response, but I am using [email protected], not beta version.

Swipe just does not work for me at all in v 1.6.4-beta.

I am using the following options to swipe but get the same error:
Option 1: driver.swipe(startX, startY, endX, endY, 1000);
Option 2: new TouchAction((MobileDriver) appiumDriver).press(startX, startY).waitAction(100)
.moveTo(endX - startX, endY - startY).release().perform();
Option 3: Using mobile: swipe

but am getting this
org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverException: An unknown server-side error occurred while processing the command. Original error: Unhandled endpoint: /session/7D5284A9-D24F-4166-A995-BF4A2AD42D2C/wda/dragfromtoforduration – http://localhost:8100/ with parameters {
wildcards = (

[debug] [JSONWP Proxy] Proxying [POST /wda/dragfromtoforduration] to [POST http://localhost:8100/session/7D5284A9-D24F-4166-A995-BF4A2AD42D2C/wda/dragfromtoforduration] with body: {“fromX”:153,“fromY”:512,“toX”:768,“toY”:512,“duration”:1}
[debug] [JSONWP Proxy] Got response with status 200: {“value”:“Unhandled endpoint: /session/7D5284A9-D24F-4166-A995-BF4A2AD42D2C/wda/dragfromtoforduration – http://localhost:8100/ with parameters {\n wildcards = (\n “session/7D5284A9-D24F-4166-A995-BF4A2AD42D2C/wda/dragfromtoforduration”\n );\n}”,“sessionId”:“7D5284A9-D24F-4166-A995-BF4A2AD42D2C”,“status”:1}
[HTTP] <-- POST /wd/hub/session/39b9a9c5-8e73-480b-8b9e-47fdff886fd7/touch/perform 500 14 ms - 424

@alangithubtrader is swipe method working for you ?

I couldn’t get it work on simulator https://github.com/appium/appium/issues/7914#issuecomment-282268505


Works fine for me now. Please refer to How to swipe in Appium 1.6.4-beta?

Yes swipe is working for me. Let me know if you are still having issues.