When Appium 1.6 release and get support on how to use XCUITest to find elements

When Appium 1.6 can be released? And we need change path for all web elements from UIAutomation to XCUITest, shall we get support on Appium via inspector? Thanks!

@amengzk Appium 1.6 is already released , please update the version

Yes but has the GUI for 1.6.0 been released? A lot of people use that for identifying objects on screen.

Had updated to Appium 1,6, but still don’t know how to capture the path of web elements with it.When Appium with the GUI inspectors version can be released? And can we get some support of grammar for this XCUITEST?
Thanks for that!

@GeorgeCostanza @amengzk The appium 1.6 GUI is yet to release but till you can use driver.getPageSource() else follow this link for temporary GUI

For people who try to use the Appium GUI to inspect an iOS 10 app, hopefully this will help.

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