Appium not seeing custom UIImageView / UIImage in XML

iOS 8.x
Xcode 6.2 1.3.6

In my AUT there are a some instances where a UIATableCell will be decorated with a small UIImageView containing a custom PNG. Appium does not see these elements at all. Can anyone share some details as to why, and possibly how my development team could modify the project so Appium would see them?

Here’s a cropped screenshot of a UIATableView with a UIATableGroup separator and a couple UIATableCell with a small UIImageView object in the left margin. These dots dynamically appear and I would like to be able to test for them, if possible.

Dev team said “…those images are added in the xib files rather than in the code…” in case that’s a clue.

Bump - anyone have any thoughts on this?

Is there any answer to this question as I am seeing the same issue appium does not detect UIImage Elements on the iOS App ?.

From the little research I did I came across some mention of Instruments hiding the individual contents of UIATableCell which is likely a big part of my specific issue.

However, custom UI elements are generally not supported at all from what I’ve seen here in the forums. There’s users with custom graph frames that are totally invisible to the app. I have PDF viewers in frames in my app, they’re invisible boxes to Appium, I cannot even tell if the PDF is loaded or not.

Any help on this UIAImageView ?

This worked for me:

self.driver.tap([(128.90625, 335.90625 )])

UIImageView will not be having any XML, what you can do is get the X, Y coordinates of the elements around/above/below to the actual UIImageView element and roughly calculate the coordinates to suite UIImageView and apply using the above command.